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Chicken Wings

These are ChefRD 's spicy chicken wings. The recipe can be found here. You brush on your favorite BBQ sauce after about 30 min - mine is the Original Buffalo Wing sauce from Buffalo, NY. - while cooking for 1hr to 1.3 hrs at 275-325 deg.


Here they are after 40 min with the first application of sauce. Flip every 10-15 min and rotate the grid to cook more evenly.


4 lbs of wings -- these went faster than free money and tasted great. For extra flavor, dip in BBQ sauce - then eat! WOW! These are a huge favorite at parties.

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Chicken Wings

Here are two recipes ready to go on the grill. On the left is Tanker Tim's Okinawan Wings and on the right are Wa-Wa wings by Smokin Eddie.

Both go on for 60-70 min and flip every 10-15 min. Dome temp = 275-310
Opening up every ten minutes will make it tough to hold a temp - so you wing it.


Here are about 50 wing & drummetts after 20 min at 275 deg dome temp. The top half are Okinawan Wings and the bottom half are Wa-Wa wings.

Wings are greasy because of the skin - so don't let the temp get above 375 or you'll have a doozy fire when you open up the dome to flip them.


It's been 1 hour and 10 min. The last 10 min I kicked the fire to 300 to finish them off with a touch of extra heat. Turn every 10 - 15 min.

I also cut the Wa-Wa wing mix to 1 part BGE Spice and 3 parts Obbie Mix. Both were just wonderful!! A little salty on the Okinawan Wings but maybe low sodium soy next time.

These little devils are both great and Tim M will be doing these at parties from now on. These were easy, simple and really great. I used a tiny handful of apple chips spread over the lump