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Prime Rib Roast

3 bone Prime Rib
The setup will be the roast in a V-rack (bone side down) over a foil lined drip pan wich is sitting on 2 firebricks.


Cooking 2.5 hr @ 375 dome

Pictured are the roasts covered with a Garlic/Peppercorn rub that was too overpowering - won't do that again.


Here is the Prime Rib as it goes on. Notice two Polder probes to measure internal temps.

7 lb of Prime Rib (5 bones) in a V rack in a drip pan and sitting on two firebricks. The bricks are to help prevent the drippings from burning too badly (optional).

350-375 deg for 2.5 hr - Polder to 135 internal

Here is the Prime Rib after 2.5 hr at 350-375 deg dome (indirect heat). This is the smaller piece which finished first. The meat internal temp went up 10-15 deg while resting (wow didn't expect that).

The larger roast took another 20 min.


Finished work.


The internal temp was 140 and as you can see - it's rare in the middle. The ends were med/well.

The roast produced a nice meat (with lots of scraps) but the garlic, which sat on the meat for two days, was too much. Next time I will use salt/pepper rub that's all.