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2-Smoked Turkey Breasts
indirect method

Two 6-7 lb turkey breasts

Here is my setup:
Aux main grid with 3 fire bricks, lined drip pan, V rack with the birds breast up. I use this extra Webber grid with the handles to easily lift the rig in and out of Mr Egg. This is a dry run and I will remove the plastic later(obviously).

The plan is to cook indirect:

2.75 hrs at 325 - 350 deg
 or until the internal temp is 165 deg

This is a picture of the rig in the Egg. You want to make sure the dome probe is not touching the bird when the dome is closed.

The lined drip pan over the firebricks will allow juices to be saved for the gravy - I added a little chicken broth in it when it went into the Egg.


Here they are going in the Egg . Note the wrapped Polder probe cable for protection above 350 deg. Olive oil coat on the skin to make it brown.



Done after 2.75 hrs at 325-350 deg indirect. The Polder read 162 when I pulled them off to rest and after 30 min it was 168 -- perfect!!



Ready to be carved - As you can see these breasts have the pop out gizmo's and they did pop at 160 deg and I would trust them if I didn't have a Polder thermometer.


This was our Thanksgiving dinner - They were wonderful!


Doing two smaller breasts is pretty similar to a single breast, not much extra time required for the second one.