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-Pork Butt Cooking Times-

6 lb Boston Butt - pulled pork

6 pound Boston Butt pork shoulder. When you get good bbq sandwiches - this is where it started.

Cooking over the new plate setter ceramic mass and a drip pan. 225-250 for 18-20 hours. This one took 20 hours exactly.

Here it is at 18 hours. I peeked inside to show you what it looked like.

Internal temp is 180 deg
To speed things up you can wrap the butt in foil and return to the egg until you reach 200 deg internal temp

I am increasing the dome temp to 300 deg


20 hours later we hit 200 deg internal temp on the Polder thermometer

It was so "falling off the bone tender" that I could hardly lift it up. I wrapped it in foil and let it set for 45 min then pulled it.


Here is what I ended up with (minus the stuff I ate as I pulled it). There is about 3 quarts here. It was so tender it melted in your mouth and the crust was good. Very little smoke ring though - pecan is very mild & I used 3 chunks.


The graph shows internal temp rise through the 20 hour cook. It was 3.3 hours per pound.

Note the slow rise from 150 deg to 170 and how fast it starts to rise from the start.

Approx cooking times for pork butt or picnic roasts.

2.5 hr per pound if over 7lbs
3 hr per lb if under 5 lbs

This is based on cooking indirect at 225 deg


Next time I will coat with mustard and rub

Latest Adventure: 7 lb Boston Butt

I cooked 20 hrs starting at 220 deg dome -indirect over a drip pan and raised grid (fromBGE).

I first covered in yellow mustard and let sit 2 hrs. Longer would have been better. I added no wood chips or chunks and the result was the best yet!

Above is the time vs temp graph. You can see the 3 hr "stall" around 160 deg (12th-14th hrs).

Tim M