Here are the procedures to post a picture on the BGE Forum or's forum. There are some differences but I will point them out. Basically it's all the same.

I suggest you print this out and refer to it until you get the hang of the process. One wrong dot or / will prevent anything from being found.

Tim M aka Tim Moore

  • First you need to understand that the picture you wish to post is not sent to each user like an e-mail attachment is. The Internet site (BGE forum in our case) only links to the picture on the server you install it on. It does not ever go into BGE's server or into their website. It also can not stay on your computer since it does not directly link to the Internet. You only link to your ISP (Internet service provider) and this can be a local company or AOL or Mindspring or another thousand ISP's. They are connected 100% to the Internet and they have to get your picture on their servers. If you remove the file or change its name on the ISP's server - the links will no longer find it so unless you never want it - you must leave the pictures on the server and they take up lots of space. Most ISP's offer free 1meg of space and an average picture is 35k so you could save 28 pictures of that size.

  • So first you must contact your ISP and arrange for a space. Most ISP's provide free space to store files. This does not mean you need to create a web page - you do not. You need only upload the files to the location the ISP gives you. You need to talk with them first to arrange everything.

  • After getting the location from the ISP you will need a way to upload the pictures to the ISP's servers. There is a free program called WS_FTP that is a standard. Go here to get it and enter in the location, name and password for your ISP's server. You get this from the ISP.

  • Next you upload the file to the ISP server with WS_FTP. Avoid spaces and capitals in the file names. Getting the FTP program set up is the hardest part so be ready to call your ISP help line a few times.

  • Now that the file (lets call it xyz.gif) is now in your ISP's server. Lets assume your e-mail address is Very likely the ISP will issue you the url address of

    Lets explain the above section for the new folks. The blue part is the ISP address then a slash that gets it to your address. After your address you can have any number of picture files stored and available by simply typing in the correct url address for that picture. To change pictures, just swap the last section of the url address ( in our case here). Example: to call for picture mypicture.jpg you would use this url:

  • Tip: I suggest you always try to enter the above url address in your browser location box to see if you entered the url correctly (easy to miss a letter) before entering it in the BGE forum. If the picture pops up then you have a good url address if not the address is wrong or something is wrong and this will prevent many posts with no pictures. Press the back button to go back to the BGE posting page and continue entering the correct picture URL in the bottom empty box. It says IMAGE URL: and you will enter

  • Tip: Use ctrl-c and ctrl-v or ctrl-insrt and shift-insert keyboard strokes to cut and paste highlighted urls. It saves retyping them over and over.

    • Special note: the BGE forum requires you to enter the http:// while some forums like SongDog's have it started for you. At BGE it must be included!!

  • The two other empty field boxes are for adding a link to a website. With them you must click on the linked text. For posting a picture - ignore both of them.

Optional Link URL:

Link Title:

Optional Image URL:

It will look like this when correctly entered. Then press the Submit button.


I have heard of services that will upload a picture that you e-mail to them. They ten do the work of moving it and uploading it to an Internet url. They send you the url and you post it in the bottom box on the BGE forum post page. I can't recall the service.

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Updated:9-2002: Here is a link to a website that tells a lot about picture services on the internet. If you want a photo service - FREE - check out this link.