Stainless Steel Vent Install
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Installing the stainless steel vent on a Big Green Egg

I finally got around to installing the new stainless steel vent for my large BGE. First I used a utility knife to cut the silicone caulk that the factory used to seal the perimeter of the old vent to the ceramic. You will need to remove the fire ring, firebox and grate. It's a good time to clean the Egg anyway. Remove the 4 bolts holding the old vent.


Since mine lives in the nest, it was easier to just remove Humpty from it to finish this job.

Once the old vent is removed, use the knife to remove as much old caulk as possible. Don't get carried away, you're going to cover it anyway.

You will need some sort of caulk to fill the gap around the vent or it will suck air even when closed. You are going to need a high temp silicone caulk. Pictured is some I had on hand - I would have preferred black but this works. Wipe any excess before it dries. Replace with the 4 new stainless bolts (I used only 2 since it fits in the nest better with just 2, but fill the empty holes with caulk).


Pretty easy job. I give it a 1 hammer difficulty rating. Lifting the Egg was the hardest part - it's best to have a 17 year old around to help.